Sailing on the Thames since before 1942

Use of Club Boats

The Club has the following boats which sailing members may use:

1 Flying fifteen (2 people, crew weight 140kg)
2 Wayfarers (2/3 people, crew weight 140kg)
1 Enterprise (2 people, crew weight 140kg)
2 Lasers (single hander, full rig or radial rig, crew weight 60kg+ or 52kg+)
1 Laser Pico (1/2 people, crew weight 32kg+)
2 RS Zests (1/2 people, 2 rig options, crew weight 80 to 115kg)
1 Solo (single hander, crew weight 70kg)
2 Toppers (single hander, crew weight 32kg+)

Conditions of Use

Use is subject to availability and Club activities take strict precedence over individual use.

New members have priority use of club boats for their first full year of membership.

The dinghies may only be used at the club during a club session when safety cover is provided.

Members must be capable of sailing a dinghy around a course and back to the launching quay, i.e. RYA Level 1 or equivalent.

Members or Junior Members and their responsible adult should take full responsibility for rigging and return the craft to storage in an orderly fashion. There should be no reliance on the duty persons who have other tasks to perform.

Failure to properly look after equipment or store it may disqualify a member from further use.

Any fees due must always be paid PRIOR to the use of the dinghy.

Advice on dinghy use will be provided separately and updated regularly.

Cadets under 18 years old - Free
Adults £7.50 per member per session or £50 per member per year for the first year and £100 per year thereafter.
Session payments should be made to the Officer of the Day before going afloat using the card reader by the kitchen hatch.
Annual use should be paid for by card. Details can be provided by contacting the Membership Secretary who will maintain a register of pre-paid helms.

This new arrangement (01/03/2024) will be subject to review and may change in future years.