Sailing on the Thames since before 1942


Staines Sailing Club has equipment available for all standards of sailors, from beginner to skipper and for all sizes from giant to toddler.

Available for use by club members we have:

Buoyancy aids for all sizes


RS Zest -Light & easy to sail - good for a family or young sailor.

Toppers - For the lighter sailor - fast and manoeuvrable.

Lasers - For a grown sailor - even faster and very lively!

Enterprise - 2 man boat - helm and a crew (or 2 smaller crew) - fast on the river

- Bit bigger then an Enterprise - will take a small family and is very stable.

Flying Fifteen
- Definitely a 2 man crew and fast.

So that gets you on the water and sailing!


There is the boat park where our dinghies are stored and this space is available for those who have their own boat and want to have it at the club so they don't have to tow or cartop it to the club every time they want to sail. (Subject to permission of the boatswain)
We have sheds so we can work on the boats if required.

Of course there is also the support boat - a powered Dory used to set the marks (buoys) for a race and during racing to ensure anyone who may need assistance can be reached quickly.
Unfortunately, this is only available on race days or special events, and club members can use the club equipment only when the Dory is manned.

In the clubhouse there are showers, storage for your own kit (if want to leave it at the club) a bar and a kitchen....